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January 26, 2009



Kudos to you for being so concerned about a lady you never met...but face it kiddo, if you didn't get that yarn, someone else less deserving would have! And on the flip side, perhaps it would never have sold and the family would not have benefitted.....Enjoy it. I'm sure the owner would be pleased to know you are so happy about your treasures.



Ooh, I've loved that Tulip kit since I saw the Yarn Harlot's. Lucky!

I know how you feel about feeling happy. I'd do the same thing. Enjoy the yarn, though.


I haven't seen that Tulip Kit for less than $40 here in Canada. I know our dollar is crap right now, but that's ridiculous for a baby sweater that you still have to knit! With a size 6, Olivia should get years of wear out of it. It will be so pretty! It's a lovely little haul.


What a haul! Nicely done. The circumstances are sad, I know, but don't you just want to roll in all that yarn?

Holly Jo

I went to one of those sales once while on vacation. It is hard not to dance a jig while in the store because you just got a helluva good deal.

It is a good haul. Can't wait to see the Tulip sweater knit up. :)


I may try to go up there tomorrow.

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