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January 05, 2009



That sweater would be gorgeous in classy. I vote that you should make it!

Holly Jo

You have impeccable taste. I think the second sweater would be very nice to wear because looks fantastic AND its shape lends itself to being very comfy.


I absolutely love the Eastlake sweater! My only concern with the pattern is where that horizontal seam hits. My Feb. sweater is languishing b/c I deemed it unflattering, so I'd recommend looking at Rav projects modeled on people with your body type.

That yarn ball is hilarious. :-)

Nicolas Beaverhousen


How is that sweater for your brother coming along? You seem to be starting a lot of projects while your brother sits sweaterless in the Great White North! Burr! That's cold. I hear that he is quite the guy, yet you have never knitted him a sweater. Hmm. . . maybe that yarn ball's grimacing face is a reflection of the guilt that you feel about James' sweater situation. Or lack of sweater situation. Just food for thought.


N. Beaverhousen

Dictated, not read.


Ignore anyone trying to heap guilt on you. Let 'em learn to knit, I always say.

You do that green sweater for you and then you'll be all warm and cozy if (not when!) you deign to knit for another, great guy or not.



Nicolas Beaverhousen has one thing right - it's super cold in the Great White North.

I had to laugh reading your post because I, too, have stashed at least three or four sweaters' worth of February Lady Sweaters - teal, brown, grey, cream . . .


I love the Eastlake! Do it, do it! (But with Class(y)).


Kath- that green sweater is really lovely and I guess you will knit it up quickly. I know from experience, that it will be cold for a good long time in the great white north, and there will be plenty of time for a manly sweater. Plus, Beaverhousen should be plenty warm....Sue

Barbara from Nova Scotia

That Eastlake is gorgeous!

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