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January 22, 2009



Awesome finds! Rowan magazines at the library? That's my kind of library! Maybe it was a donation, but still awesome.

Hope the pain from boot camp subsides soon! Perhaps it was the miles you walked at the stock show that added to it? I want to see a fluffy cow.


Dear Kath- What an experience. I must say though, that I feel somewhat embarrassed to see those knitting patterns- really awful...and to think I ever thought there was a day that Kaffe Fassett didn't shine. Until now. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for the warmest, non-itchy, scarf ever...an all-day-wear piece to make -25C possible.


Oh, wow, the BUTTERFLIES. I cannot believe my eyes.


Now that I've stopped laughing at some of those patterns, I can type up a comment. (I really, really want that butterfly sweater for my husband. I wonder if the sample is sitting in someone's closet somewhere?) Great finds!

See you in Chicago. ;)

Holly Jo

So, yeah. Those sweaters scream 'classic' to me. :) I don't think there is anything classic about the 80's. Except maybe Bill Cosby in those sweaters. :)


Oh dear...those mens sweaters. Ug-ly.

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