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April 29, 2009



Don't worry too much over this. We took our son's away in the same manner. One night the "fiefie" fairy came and took them all away. The first week was bad, if I remember correctly. He is 20 now. And to my knowledge, there have been no lasting effects.
So just get through this week. Maybe a special treat on the one week mark? Or for not waking you up one night?
Good luck.


I have no advice for you. Just know that you're doing the right thing, and she will thank you one day for her straight teeth. :) Slap something yucky on her soother? Mustard? Vinegar? Ugh. I've got nothing. Hang in there.


Noooo! I've been worried about taking Adam's away (he's 2.5) and this isn't helping. I like the tooth fairy idea, though. Allie was a piece of cake to wean, of course. I wish I could help (but take notes on what works so I can come crying to you in a few months!).


Hang in there. She will be okay and so will you guys. Transitions are so hard. Maybe she has a favorite stuffed animal that she doesn't usually sleep with that she might want to sleep with now? One of my friends went through this when her son was around 3ish and it took like 2 weeks. Coffee and naps now...but no braces or trauma later. :)

Holly Jo

Stand strong. You can do it. The pediatrician very sternly told my friend whose 3 year old at the time was having dental issues too, "Does your daughter need the pacifier or do you? If the answer is you, then YOU need to step to the plate." It was a long couple weeks, but they did it. She is a very well adjusted sixth grader now. ;)

I wish I could whisk you a nice frappucino. I hate, hate, hate those long nights. She'll pass out at some point, right?

Oh, I never heard of the tooth fairy thing. That is so freaking awesome. Better than the throwing away at the garbage with cheering, which is what we did.


Wow...I have no kids, so I've got nothin'.
Love the idea of the tooth fairy though. Too bad that didn't stick!

Hey...maybe you should just get Olivia hooked on coffee instead?



Even though Olivia doesn't appreciate the goal.....Go Olivia Go. You can do it! You're almost there. Your Mom & Dad are the best!


Kath- lots of good support out there. Remember when Olivia was a daytime soother-user? On our beach day I never saw it even once, so she must be very close. But just to reassure you, I think you have a bit of time. Ask your dentist about primary teeth (straight or a little askew) and their relationship to how secondary teeth come in.


I do not envy you- we took Sean's away....I can't remember when. He was restricted to only using it for sleep time, though. Which, really, is the hardest time to take it away. I'm so sorry that this is so hard- all I can say is that when it seems hardest, you're probably getting close to when it will be easier.

We're coming up on this ourselves, with Tess and her thumb. I am dumbfounded as to how we're going to do it, as it seems that cutting off her thumbs isn't an option.


You are doing the right thing. I know its hard. We are getting Harry off the night bottle now.


Oh, poor thing -- both of you. I have to say that you probably are doing the right thing, that she is not going to be traumatized, and that you will be sending very mixed messages if you give in.

I'm sure this transition is just awful for you guys, but I'm also sure it will be over soon and you will be glad you finally just did it.



Our daughter sucked her thumb until sh was 12. The dentist even put in a bracket with prongs on it and all that did was give her a callus. She would walk around the house with only one hand available to do things because the thumb was always in her mouth. And yes she had braces and 4 teeth extracted but the other two had braces also. Anyway, she will be 25 in May and has no scars that I know of.



Oh gosh. I don't have anything helpful to say. I mean, I even *tried* to get Amelie to take a pacifier when she was an infant, in hopes that it would then help her accept a bottle when I was going back to work, and she never did like the paci. But when I read Liam's proclamation to the dental hygienist, I laughed so hard. What a great boy!


I know you've won this battle already, but I heard this ingenious little solution from a friend. If you take the pacifier to Build-a-Bear, apparently you can have them put the thing INTO the bear, so that they never have to be parted from it. They just can't put it in their mouths. I guess it worked for her daughter. Prolly depends on the kid, however....

Jenna Schrock

Liam's such a cutie-patootie! Oh, I'd love to squish those chubby cheeks. My son, Elijah, used soothers for quite a long time too. And yeah, it broke my heart whenever I say no. But eventually, he survived the soother era. You just have to stay strong in this. After all, it's Olivia's health that matters.

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