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June 12, 2009



Good luck with the house projects and the socks! I love that shade of DIC Smooshy (it does sound a bit dirty, though).

Livvy looks very pensive on her panda perch!


Knitty has a great tutorial for Judy's Magic Cast-On. It's what I'm using for my latest pair of socks, and I like it. Use short needles, though, or you'll poke your eye out. :)

The floor pillows will look great!


You know I'm with Liam. Color!! Color everywhere! Really.

But beige is a nice background for color, really.

Can't wait to see all the knitting. Go, socks. Boring to do but lovely to wear!


I could go for some Spring Tickle right now...wait...what?! Just kidding.

Beige is fine...just as long as you've got those bits of color around to spice it up.

Liv is super cute with her nightgown and panda.


Hi Kath...creative projects! Neutrals are a great palate for splashes of fabric colour which can be changed for mood and seasons. I love hard wood also. Looking forward to travel plans. See you very soon!


Beige does not equal boring! I realize in reading your post that my entire downstairs are varying shades of brown. And I love my house! It's warm. And hopefully not boring!


Appears to be some sort of bear convention.
Good luck with the hardwood installation! The smell is going to be bad, just to warn you. We had our floors re-done last summer and we had to stay at husband's parents' house for a few days.

Holly Jo

From a person who has a very tall wall - neutral means it can stay that color a very long time through several overall room changes without you on top of a ladder repainting. :)

Anxious to hear what you think of the pattern as you progress.

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